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‘Getting Better Acquainted’

Isn’t it great that spring is here? I’ve had two most pleasant bike rides the last days, people are smiling, and a general mood of blowing off the cobwebs pervades London. It’s upbeat!

Happily enough, a new edition of the Getter Better Acquainted podcast has just been released on which I feature. I think it turned out very well, and we really did get into some depth, thanks in large part to the excellent interviewer Dave Pickering. (I also recommend Dave’s ‘Mansplaining Masculinity’ show here). So if you fancy hearing me talk about my Oxford years, learning languages, rebuilding my comedy career and even having a good-natured argument about Jeremy Corbyn, now’s your chance.

Enjoy the spring!

Stand up Tragedy: ‘Tragic Fall’

I was delighted to recently appear as a guest on Dave Pickering’s Stand Up Tragedy podcast. The results are here, and they turned out pretty well I think. Have a listen below. Meanwhile thanks to Dave and all at Stand Up T; they do a lot for storytelling, comic or otherwise, and I hope the event returns soon.