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Farewell to The Shoe Leather Express

After nearly a decade of writing this blog, it’s time to move on to pastures new, at my new Substack newsletter.

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Thanks for all your support over the years, and here’s to keeping writing.

Jeremy Corbyn: No You Don’t

I’ve deliberately wanted to stay out of the Corbyn mania. But I read this article and now I feel I have to speak out. It’s very long, but it’s absolutely brilliant, and I believe after reading it any argument for supporting Corbyn is inadmissible.

All week long I’ve been hearing complaints about the ‘smears’ on Corbyn. As the article shows, a lot of said ‘smears’ are, in essence, true.

Jeremy Corbyn has shared the stage with and given money to Holocaust deniers.

Jeremy Corbyn has described ‘Hamas’ and ‘Hezbollah’ as his friends. Hamas is a group committed to the racial destruction of the Jews. Calling them your friends is different to supporting a Palestinian state. For anyone who is Jewish, Corbyn’s election was a frightening moment.

Jeremy Corbyn has shared the stage and worked together with Dyab Abou Jahjah, a hate preacher calling gay men “AIDS-spreading fagots” (sic). Do my LGBTQ friends realize this?

These are surely not Corbyn’s personal beliefs. But the fact that he has associated with such people shows, as the article says, clear bad judgment. And such bad judgment as this makes him utterly unsuitable to be leader of the Labour party.

Do you honestly think anyone is going to trust this man to deal with a terrorist threat?

My advice to Labour is to get a new, fresher leader, without all this baggage, to bring home the same powerful anti-austerity message.

And for those talking about building a new mass movement: Due to these associations, while Corbyn is Labour leader, I will never vote Labour. And I rather suspect that there are more – millions more – people like me than you think. We are waiting patiently until this blows itself out.

Corbyn hanging out with his homies.

Corbyn hanging out with his homies.

New Barack Obama election advertisment

Here’s a transcript of ‘Obama for America’s new TV spot, described by some as his ‘One More Chance’ clip.

Intro of ‘Let’s Stay Together’ plays.

Obama: Baby, I know we’ve been through some hard times. I know things haven’t been good lately, what with you losing your job, having no money for groceries, getting stiffed at the pump. But the question is – do you really want to break up with me? Is that what you really want?

Think of all those good times we had together babe, think of when we passed that health reform bill… Yeah… And think of how we let all those gay people serve in the military… We had good times babe and we can do it again so…

Sings I… I’m so in love with you…

The song gradually fades out, with Obama talking over the outro.

Oh come on honey doll… Gimme one more chance… You really want to go with some rich white dude? Mitt Romney? (Laughs) I’ll get the economy going baby, you just wait and see… 5.4% baby… Don’t walk out on me baby… Vote for me baby… Just one more little vote…

Stay with me baby.
Photo Joe Crimmings/Creative Commons.

Apparently the campaign is now preparing a spot of Joe Biden singing The Communards’ 1986 hit ‘Don’t leave me this way’, for obvious reasons.