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In memoriam David Bowie 1947-2016.

The great Cold War album, carefully conceived of
By the polite Englishman just arrived in town
Who spends his weekends driving over the border
To make recordings of onerous sounds. His producer,
Mild-mannered, is known to assist him
In carefully devising ominous noise,
Sounds black and explosive, essentially urban,
Hatched up in flats overlooking vast roads;
Music for exits, music to hand over
Briefcases at checkpoints as it turns to dawn.

Still playing now in a Berlin more modern,
A city which turned its grit into art,
The sleeve shows a photo of an unchanging Englishman
Cool as he pilots a green-bonneted car.



Berlin Comedy Podcast

How are you? I’m good, it’s tour-guiding season, places to go, people to let see them. I’m also labouring away at my novel.

It was a genuine joy and honour to feature on Daniel Louis Vezza’s Berlin Comedy Podcast. Daniel, Alex Upatov and I talk about my comedy career, Oxford, Russia and hard-left politics. You didn’t think I’d wait until I was famous until I did in-depth interviews did you? Anyhow, enjoy.

Berlin Comedy Podcast Episode 20

New interview

Thanks very much to Mike Trupiano and the lovely folks at Station to Station for interviewing me about stand-up here.