The Shoe Leather Express

Writing and Comedy from James Harris

Month: October, 2015

The border guard

I fell in love at the border crossing, which slowed down my passage somewhat. I lingered there for a few days, writing down my impressions, imagining our future. I had it all pictured – the suburban house, the cherubic kids, your face being told the news of my death. Somehow this was the most romantic moment. But the reality was the corridor, and men in khakis whose voices dropped as I passed, and gazing lengthily over empty offices. Where were you? Not at the compound, and not beyond, not in the fields where I walked – until the dirt caked my best shoes, and I decided suddenly one night to move out, through the fences, back onto that long new country road.

‘The Village in the Morning’ trailer

The trailer for the film ‘The Village In the Morning’, for which I wrote the screenplay, is online. It’s pretty much out of my hands now, but looks interesting, no? I won’t tell you the ending.

You can see more information about the film, including the poster, here.

Moving on

I think I will watch a film tonight
And try not to think of you
Not write a poem in memoriam
Or worse, sing a song.
I could pluck the strings and try
To find words which summarize
Our state of affairs, which was agreeable
And curdled down the drain.
I think I will watch a movie now
Or go out, like we did in Liège,
Your hand in mine, we bought frites
Walked through crowds, drank wine
And woke the next day early and cool
Hands loving one another’s skin.
I can only conclude the universe found
This poem more important than such things.

Photo courtesy of tpsdave

Photo courtesy of tpsdave