The Shoe Leather Express

Writing and Comedy from James Harris

Month: July, 2015

The wilderness

He fell into the mass of men
And cynicism sustained him:
Drank deeply from that bitter cup
And every time it tasted good.

Saying, ‘Cynicism, you’re my sun,
You help me through the death of friends,
Because of you I believe in only rain
The wilderness and thoughts of love.’

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: Unofficial trailer

Hope you’re all enjoying the part of the summer which is really summer, before it all starts fading into the August melancholy – but we don’t want to think about that now!

To maintain your spirits, Paula Varjack and I – aka People with Wigs and Stuff – are back with our latest film parody, now taking on that marvellous epic ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘. We had fun! Next up – well, what do you suggest?