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Month: January, 2015

Three poems about Roxy Music


Rock music is all about the ten years of youth,
You can’t do it when you’re forty, it becomes poignant,
They want to see you strut. But at this moment
You still have it, your bold chameleon slink


Giving in to Bryan, we realized
For his fantasy we’d have to sacrifice
Become perfectly bopping marionettes
In the shadows of his dream.


Bryan Ferry in the leaves at Regent’s Park
Composes his famous text.
‘Love is the drug,’ he mutters, ‘Love the drug,’
Picking the leaves from his suit at the breast.

Tea rankings 21.01.2015

Updated weekly tea rankings based on their popularity in my flatshare as of 19.01.2015.

In order of popularity:

5. (↑3) The Darjeeling Experience

4. (New!) Ceylon: Live and Uncupped

3. (↑2) Earl ‘Drink Me’ Grey

2. (↓5) The Mighty Assam

1. (-) Normal


Another strong week for normal.
(Photo: Factorylad)

Charlie Hebdo

I am still extremely shocked and upset by what happened in Paris yesterday, and believe me, I don’t get shocked and upset easily. I am seeing discussions of the offensive nature of the cartoons, whether Islam is to blame, the wider context of fundamentalism, limits of free speech etc. For now this is all besides the point. I would like you to rotate one very simple point in your head: people were murdered yesterday, old men some of them, innocent bystanders some of them, the proofreader for God’s sake, as a result of the drawing of some silly and tasteless cartoons. Ask yourself if that is really the world you want to live in, where that happens and will continue to happen. For me, this is a collective moment where we have to say: No. No further. This must not happen again. No relativism – you don’t shoot someone in the head for drawing a cartoon or making a joke. That’s not negotiable. That’s not to be excused. For now, that’s where we all start from.

Lucille Clerc

                    Photo @LucilleClerc