Obama’s narrative

by jamesbharris

Opinion. There’s a lot of talk by pundits that Obama needs to get his ‘narrative‘ back. Bill Clinton, who knew something about telling stories, says: ‘He seems to have lost his narrative.’ But does this exactly mean? Presumably Obama is, at a press conference, to lean towards the camera and say, ‘You know, a lot of Republicans say this election is going to be about the deficit. I don’t think that. I think it’s about – The Quest for the Golden Acorn.’ This signals the beginning of an epic fantastical battle, in which long-retired Democratic politicians are brought back for one last struggle for the future of civillisation and Amtrak.  It’s bad enough for Obama having to preside over a people of gun-owners, god-followers and gay lovers – the U.S. Congress – without having to tell tales too.